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Below you will find information regarding specific policies that Ragland Telephone Company has implemented.

Left AlignOpen Internet Transparency Information

The FCC recently adopted new rules intended to preserve the free and open Internet. These rules are based on three principles: transparency, no blocking of traffic, and no unreasonable discrimination. These FCC Rules require Ragland Telephone to provide the following disclosures:

Ragland Telephone's connections to the Internet are generally provisioned with adequate capacity to prevent congestion, even during the busiest periods. We do not inhibit or favor applications or classes of applications being used over the network. Ragland Telephone does not restrict the types or quantities of devices connected to a High Speed Internet subscriber's Internet connection. Ragland Telephone does not modify customer data, does not modify web search results, redirect typographic error requests, or replace third party advertisements with our own. Ragland Telephone does not prioritize or discriminate against common Internet traffic regardless of source, destination or type except as required for denial of service attack mitigation and similar purposes.

Ragland Telephone may prioritize traffic, but only to support our quality of service offerings and as needed for proper network operation. Ragland Telephone occasionally implements broad traffic management when network congestion impacts customers' experiences. When customers are infected with malware, we must sometimes limit what ports and sites to which the customer can connect, and simultaneously notify the customer. Ragland Telephone performs spam and antivirus filtering for emails destined to our customers and email sent by our customers. These rules are enforced strictly and uniformly.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is the primary technology utilized by Ragland Telephone for consumers. High Speed Internet speeds are targeted to achieve 1.5 Mbs download and .5Mbs upload. Actual speed may have some small variance as packet overhead may have a small impact on actual throughput. Speed tests are available on Ragland Telephone's Internet Speed Test.

Ragland Telephone does not inspect or store the actual contents of customer traffic unless required for troubleshooting; does not systematically store customer traffic and does not provide it to third parties except when legally required. For troubleshooting and planning purposes, Ragland Telephone keeps usage statistics that show whether a particular customer had a particular IP address at a particular time, but only provides this to third parties when required by law. Monthly price for DSL service is $49.95 per month.

If you require additional information, please contact Ragland Telephone at 205-472-2141.